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Great apes Uganda Safaris is the Number 1 ultimate African apes {primates} Organisation with an Affiliation to Conservation, Preservation and Education to help the people of Africa understand and respect the wildlife and its habitat.

With a broad range of expertise in conservation and cultural issues, Great apes Uganda runs its trips based on Eco-tourism with due respect to the people and the wildlife of Africa.

Having seen the people and the wildlife of Africa go through the most hard times in the past century, Great apes Uganda is working hand in hand with several government agencies and International organisations to bring back the lost joy and happiness to the people as well as the wildlife of Africa.

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Useful Uganda Travel Info

Greatapes Uganda Safaris is an Independent Tour Operator and organizes its African tours and procure carriage, accommodations, and other tour services with out standing parties.

Greatapes Uganda Safaris serves audiences by planning safaris to Africa, travel arrangements, hotel reservations, Gorilla permits, Ground transportation in Africa, chartered flights in Africa with other suppliers of serves connected with our tours. Travels and serves are subject only to the terms and conditions under which such accommodations, service and transportation are offered or provided and Greatapes Uganda and our patterns and their employees accept no responsibility or liability therefore.

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